Recurrent UTI in Woman

Woman whom has suffered more then 3 urinary tract infection (UTI) will most probably continued on to get them. Any woman who has three or more urinary tract infection (UTI) occurrences should consult their doctor and seek available medical treatment options such as below:

Take very low doses of antibiotic or perhaps nitrofurantoin each day for the next 6 months or possible longer. Normally if the pill is taken, the medicine will remains inside the bladder for a longer period of time and could be much more effective. Researcher from University of Washington has proven that this therapy is effective without any side effects.Consume a dose of antibiotic after sexual encounter.

Nowadays, dipsticks which will change color when it detect infection present are available now without prescription. The dipstick strips will detect nitrite which will be formed when the bacteria present changes the nitrate in urine into nitrite. The test has success rate of 90 percent detecting UTIs in women especially when used early in the morning and also very useful to woman whom has recurrent UTI infections.

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