Health Concerns Backbone - 90 Tablets

Health Concerns Backbone - 90 Tablets

Health Concerns Backbone - 90 Tablets Details

Health Concerns Backbone - 90 Tablets Health Concerns Backbone - 90 TabletsBackbone 90 tabs Chinese Therapeutic Actions: Tonify Kidney, Strengthen Sinews and Bones, Remove Blood Stasis Ingredients: Eucommia (Du Zhong), Psoralea (Bu Gu Zhi), Cibotium (Gou Ji), Cuscuta (Tu Si Zi), Cistanche (Rou Cong Rong), Rehmannia (Shou Di Huang), Gui Ban (Gui Ban), Cyathulae (Chuan Niu Xi), Acanthopanacis (Wu Jia Pi), Tang-kuei tails (Dang Gui Wei), Dipsaci (Xu Duan), Carthamus (Hong Hua), Myrrh (Mo Yao), Cornus (Wu Zhu Yu) Read more

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Many bottled water health concerns have been expressed so far and also environmental ones. The bottled water industry is now a huge industry generating billions of dollars in annual worldwide sales. However, according to number of studies done on bottled water claims of purity could not be further from the truth enough to be skeptical of claims that bottled water is cleaner than tap water. Those studies have pointed out some bottled water health concerns that challenged those claims of purity. For example, "distilled water" like Dasani, Aquafina or Nestle Pure Life extracted from city water is far from being healthy, since the oxidation is potentially harmful along with the fact that it can contain improper pH balances and ionization. There is also the plastic problem.


Health Concerns

Health concerns are mainly about the plastic bottles because when stored in hot or warm temperatures, chemicals may be leached into the water. Storing the water into the garage or near gas fumes could affect the smell and taste of the water. Health concerns are also justified because many people leave bottled water out in the car at high or low temperature facilitating the materials from the plastic to go into the water. Some people also use plastic juice bottles with tap water to carry around. It is better using safer container or simply glass bottle. For all those concerns and other considerations as well, it's better to filter your tap water. Water filters are relatively inexpensive these days and for the best benefits, filters need to be changed frequently.


With bottled water health concerns come also a whole lot of environmental impact that can be avoided with a turn of the faucet. While we struggle to cut down on our consumption of fossils fuels, water bottled increases them. Virgin petroleum is used to make plastic bottles; the more bottles we use, the more virgin petroleum is needed to crate new bottles. And more, fossil fuels are burned to fill the bottles and distribute them. Even more, it is not just bottled water, but juices, soft drinks and other beverages packed in plastic that had to this waste and the fuel used for shipping bottles. According to a study of the Oregon State University, it takes about 273 billion litre of water a year, worldwide, just to make empty bottles. Treating and filtering tap water for bottling creates even more waste. It takes about two litres of water to make every litre you see on stores shelves. Also, it is estimated that less than half of water bottles ever make it to a second life. They are tossed on beaches, roadsides and into landfills, where they could remain for a thousand years. It is time to stop that waste for good. Take action and get a filter right now to save the future our planet. Bottled water health concerns as well as the environmental risks are plenty justified. Everyone should stand up to stop this disgusting waste. It's a MUST!

Bottled Water and Health Concerns

Article by Gilles Coulombe B.A. B.LL D.S.A. Gilles Coulombe is the webmaster of a site about a wide range of health problems proposing for each of them natural solutions for a longer and healthier life.

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