Designs For Health - GI Microb-X 60 vegetarian capsules

Designs For Health - GI Microb-X 60 vegetarian capsules

Designs For Health - GI Microb-X 60 vegetarian capsules Details

Designs For Health - GI Microb-X 60 vegetarian capsules GI Microb-X is a blend of botanical extracts with a long history of use as natural antimicrobials. The ingredients provide abroad spectrum of activity against the most common pathogens present in the human GI tract in conditions of dysbiosis, whilebeing r Read more

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Safety meetings are the right time to discuss about health and safety related matters in the workplace. Safety meetings can be held regularly or incidentally as a response on occurrence of a specific health and safety problem or after an incident or accident happens.

Ideally, safety meetings focus on just one specific topic. But, what kind of topics do we have to discuss? Here are some topics that you can use in the meeting:

  1. Safety policy

  2. Applicable safety regulations

  3. Compliance status on safety regulations

  4. New safety regulation

  5. Incident and accident investigation

  6. Safety audit findings

  7. OHSAS 18001 surveillance findings

  8. Safety patrol finding

  9. Personal protective equipments

  10. Eye protection

  11. Hearing protection

  12. Hand and foot injuries

  13. Risk assessment for new plant facility

  14. On-way traffic control in the plant site

  15. Pressure vessel regular testing

  16. Working around electricity

  17. Emergency response procedure

  18. Construction safety

  19. Working in a confined space

  20. Lockout and tagout programs

  21. Heat stress

  22. Hazards identification or recognition

  23. How to read Material Safety Data Sheet

  24. How to handle compressed gas safely

  25. Hazardous material preservation and handling

  26. Slips, trips and falls

  27. Near miss incident reporting

  28. Fire extinguisher usage

  29. Safety precaution in case of fire

  30. Maintenance of fire fighting equipments

  31. Safety control for the transformer yard

  32. Fire fighting placement and location indication

  33. Self-inspection system

  34. Chemical exposure control

  35. Safety training program

  36. Gas cylinder control and protection

  37. Hazardous material symbol and label implementation

  38. Loss control report issued by plant insurance company

  39. Safety work permit system

  40. Truck driver safety- It is better to provide a schedule for every safety meeting, especially for regular safety meeting. Don't forget to file them when you have finished using the materials. Later you will need it.

Designs For Health

I believe the list above does not cover all the chemical plant safety related topics. Your input and feed back would be very valuable and I will add it to the list.

40 Ideas For Safety Meeting Topics

Lukman Nulhakiem is a production engineer who works for a hydrogen peroxide plant with more than 10 years experience. He has high attention to the safety matters in chemical plant operation. To learn more about chemical plant safety, visit his blog

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