Bladder Infection - Common Bladder Problem

Bladder problems are long-listed. But, bladder infection is a common bladder problem which major population is facing these days. In medical term, this problem is known as "cystitis."

Several doctors are available these days that can cure this problem quickly and efficiently but the thing which matters is the proper diagnosis of it.

It is not necessary to be a doctor to diagnose the urinary tract infection (UTI). One can easily come to know if he is having this infection or not. Symptoms of this disease are quite similar to symptoms of kidney infection.

It can be more serious if not diagnosed on time. Before a chronic kidney infection becomes a major kidney problem, it is important to diagnose it soon. Because, if it is not done; it may lead to kidney failure.

Symptoms of bladder infection are:

?One feels strong urge for urination. Delayed is not possible.

?Urinate number of times approximately more than six times. If someone feels the need to urinate more frequently, it means there is something wrong in the bladder.

?Stinging or burning sensation is experienced by an individual during urination. In medical terms, this condition is known as dysuria.

?Urine is darker than usual and smells unpleasant than normal days.

?Bladder spasms occur most of the times. This squeezing sensation is involuntary and sudden and occurs due to contraction of bladder. And individuals feel to urinate when it happens.

?When there is chance of bladder infection, one may suffer from mild fever. But, this condition does not prevail all the time.

?One may face soreness or pain in the back, abdomen or sides.

If one finds these symptoms, he/she needs to consult doctor as soon as possible. If someone ignores it, then condition may become worse. One needs to go and take doctor's appointment to get rid of this problem before it becomes major.

With over 15 years of experience in different branches of medical science, Tamim Ahmad regularly writes on various diseases and their possible treatments. This article is about bladder infection

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