Urinary Tract Infections Symptoms

Urinary Tract Infections Symptoms How do you know you are struck with UTI? Here are some typical signs of urinary tract infections. As mentioned in What is Urinary Tract Infection, different urinary parts could be infected and they are your body organs which are the bladder and kidneys.

Below are the urinary tract infections symptoms, if your bladder is infected (cystitis).

Burning sensation while emptying the bladder

When peeing, instead of feeling relax when the urine is drained out of your bladder, you feel painful passing it out. Often, with a burning sensation.

Urge of peeing

You often feel that your bladder is full and you have the need to clear off your watery waste. However, once in the toilet, little or no urine is expelled from your body.

Alternatively, you may visit the toilet very often with urine passed out, even though you are not drinking a lot of water. Or you may feel that your bladder is not able to hold as much waste waster as before and you need to visit the restroom to clear them asap.

Foul-smelling or bloody urine

There are usually a couple of reasons for smelly urine, and usually the culprit is due to the food you intake. However if you are having your usual diet for the past few days and your urine smells, and you have the signs of urinary tract infections, this could ring some bells.

If you are having bloody urine, consult a doctor immediately! Even if it is not UTI, it could be damage to your organs which could pose a health risk if left untreated!

Pain in lower abdomen

Pain in the lower abdomen is pretty common when you overate or when you are having some stomach discomfort. However if you are having pain in your lower abdomen, coupled with the above signs of UTI, try solving it yourself with Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedies.

If the pain persist or the pain become acute, consult a doctor immediately!

If your kidneys are infected by the E coil bacteria, you are going to have much more serious symptoms, and a doctor visit is a must.

With kidney infections (pyelonephritis), you are likely to have the following signs

High Fever and Chills

For no reason, you will feel feverish and have high fever as this is due to your body immune system fighting the bacteria in the kidneys. And you will get chills, feeling cold, due to the evaporation of your cold sweats.

Nausea and Vomiting

Even though you consume nothing or little food, you feel like puking and clearing out your stomach.

Cloudy and/or Bloody Urine

Your urine will inform you of the health status of your body. If it is clear and smell-less, your body seems to be working fine. But once it becomes unusually cloudy and even bloody. Visit the doctor immediately. A constant flow of bloody urine is not a good signs.

Once you have warning signs of urinary tract infections, always consult your doctor immediately. It is always better treat the disease and cure it. Nipping the problem in the bud will make it less uncomfortable and heal your unwanted UTI faster.

Do not let children suffer alone, learn more about urinary tract infection in children

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