Ut Tonic For Bladder Urinary Tract Infections

Ut Tonic For Bladder Urinary Tract InfectionsTriple Complex UT Tonic assist the body to fight infection (natural antibiotic alternative) and to relieve a range of bladder and urinary tract problems including burning while urinating, involuntary incontinence, kidney problems, gallstones and weak bladder. Because all biochemic tissue salts are naturally occurring in the body, Triple Complex UT Tonic is safe to use for all ages from infancy to the elderly and can also be used with confidence during pregnancy and nursing. Other benefits include relief from morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy, as well as improvement in the bio-availability of iron and oxygen in all body cells. Use UT Tonic regularly to Treat the symptoms of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), bladder problems and cystitis without antibiotics, Prevent and treat UTI's during pregnancy, Assist with involuntary incontinence (sudden involuntary spurts of urine), Relieve the burning sensation associated with urinary tract infections, Prevent morning sickness during pregnancy and Help with the distribution and bio-availability of iron and oxygen in all body cells. May also be combined with Native Remedies' UTI-Clear for Urinary Tract Infections.

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