Diet Can Cure Cat Food Urinary Problems Symptoms

If your cat is having a difficult time with urinary problems it could possibly be the cat food. Cat food urinary problems symptoms can be a result of over processed cat food which does not contain the best nutrients for the immune system to protect itself and will not create a balanced environment in the urinary tract system. If your cat is on a dry only free fed diet there will not be enough moisture for his urinary tract to flush out any bacteria when urinating and maintaining a healthy pH level.

What ever your cat eats determines his health, just like us humans. If we eat junk our health is undermined and the same with our pets. Cats need a high quality protein as the base for their diet or the poor quality cat food urinary problems symptoms will appear. There are some prepared raw meat diets you can buy in the pet food stores, but it is cheaper and not very time consuming as you may think to make your own.

Try boiling some beef, chicken or turkey; add some cut carrots or a can of mixed vegetables. You can even cook it in a slow cooker all day. It will literally fall off the bones so very little cutting is required. Serve with the broth to introduce more liquids in your cat's diet. You can divide and freeze in individual containers to last a month. Or, you can purchase ground chicken or hamburger and cook with a little water, cool and add canned cut mixed vegetables (amount depends on how much meat) but generally 1/4 of the total would be veggies. Divide and freeze or refrigerate in sealed containers for no more than three days.

Cooking your own food is a very healthy alternative to processed cat food. If you simply do not have the time, buy a high quality cat food available at pet stores. These usually cost a little more, but in the long run you won't be paying for vet bills! Also cats love fresh water. My cats love those fountains that recirculate and filter the water. And don't ask me why, but I know several people that tell me their cat loves to have a glass topped off with water on the counter (if you allow your cats on the counter). Hey, whatever encourages more water consumption!

In addition to food and water add a homeopathic remedy for cat food urinary problems symptoms specifically designed for the bladder that will help your cat fight off any infections, stimulate immunity and re-establish bladder health. Make sure that the remedy contains herbs that maintain normal pH levels in the urinary tract such as uva ursi and berberis vulgaris which restores the health of the bladder and urinary tract. Cantharis is another superior ingredient which will sustain a healthy flow of urine.

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