Urinary Problems in Dogs - Tips, Suggestions, Curing

If you have would give me your undivided attention for a few minutes I would enjoy sharing an attention-grabbing story. If you are have experienced the disgust of urinary problems in dogs you are aware that this condition can cause your beloved four legged friend to lose urinary control in poorly chosen and often times surprising areas of the house (floors, closets, slippers and shoes, etc.). It is truly a helpless feeling when your beloved pet can no longer control urine flow. You have now joined the millions of pet owners who are living the nightmare of urinary problems in dogs. Not only can this condition be costly but urinary problems in dogs can be as trying and troublesome for pet owners as it is painful for dogs.

Your vet will more than likely tell you that there are no easy answers, that veterinary medicine does not have a solution, or perhaps suggest that you consider euphemizing (put to sleep) your dog. Severe urinary problems in dogs are not only a serious problem on many levels but are heartbreaking as well. Most experts are in agreement that the number one thing you need to do is establish what the underlying cause of the urinary problems in your dogs (dog). This probably will include a visit to the veterinarian clinic to confirm the cause.

There are a handful of common causes of urinary problems in dogs including a tumor, colon blockage (leading to straining and urine leakage), a birth defect, spinal cord or brain disease, urinary infection, bladder stones, or age related issues. In certain cases, such as with a birth defect or tumor, or a blocked colon the incontinence may only be treated with surgery. Surgery not only is dangerous but in cases that are brought about by colon problems the results of the surgery can lead to other more severe problems, such as a severe diarrhea.


If bladder stones, a loosened sphincter due to advancing age, or a bacterial infection are the cause of the urinary problems which are plaguing you dogs, your pet doctor will more than likely prescribe medication. Proceed with care when making the decision to give your pet prescription medication. The current groups of medications for treating urinary problems in dogs are very strong and can have potentially harmful side effects.


To heal urinary problems in dogs, without putting their physical condition at risk herbal and all natural treatments are a realistic alternative. You may automatically assume that herbal and natural treatments (such as herbal formulas and tincture) are ineffective or that they are some kind of rip off but recent research studies seem to support the view that they can be very useful due to their holistic approach.


A urinary problem in dogs is difficult to treat. Currently accepted conventional treatment options are often times limited and their efficacy has been called into question. The most sensible road to travel (both for safety and affordability) in your quest to cure urinary problems in dogs is to implement a broad spectrum approach through the use of herbal and natural treatments. This form of treatment will address any underlying condition which may be contributing to this problem, thus leading to a cure.


There are a few simple things you can do to treat and prevent urinary problems in dogs (and animals in general) and promote optimal health. These three simple steps are to give them plenty of fresh water to drink (preferably filtered), provide a diet consisting of raw and unprocessed foods, and adopt a broad spectrum approach implementing a well respected homeopathic supplement.


Natural remedies which put into action a homeopathic approach have been shown to be enormously helpful in treating animal urinary incontinence because they are made from natural tonics that work to strengthen the urinary system while maintaining a healthy bladder.


The focus of homeopathy is the simple principle that "like treats like." A substance that is known to cause urinary problems in healthy dogs can actually heal urinary problems in dogs when given in small doses.


Herbs for Maximum Benefit - Cantharis and Uva ursi: For maximum benefit choose a homeopathic formulacontaining cantharis and uva ursi. Cantharis works to maintain a healthy urine flow while calming the bladder while Uva ursi maintains normal pH levels of the urinary tract and is recognized as a urinary tonic.


What is the next step? Seriously consider taking this information and using it to help you find a homeopathic remedy to cure urinary problems in your dog or dogs. Homeopathy continues to rapidly gain popularity due to its safety and effectiveness in eliminating the symptoms, curing urinary problems in dogs, and attacking the root cause. This type of treatment sets the stage for a safe and complete recovery.

R.D. Hawkins is an expert in the field of natural health for people and their pet with almost 10 years experience. To learn more about homepathic natural health please visit Purchase Remedies.com

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