Looking to Treat Dog Urinary Problems and Stop Them From Recurring? Here's What You Need to Do

Do you have a dog that is prone to urinary problems? Are you wondering how you can treat dog urinary problems and yet at the same time prevent them from recurring? Do you want to know what kind of diet will lower the risk of urinary problems and improve your dog's health? You will find the answers to these questions in this article.

If your dog is suffering from a urinary problem, you can choose to treat it with either prescription drugs and natural remedies.

Treating dog with urinary problem with prescription drugs

Most of us have got used to the idea of treating canine urinary problems with antibiotics. This is a necessary specific therapy that will help to eliminate infection from the body. There is a chance that your dog will not tolerate a particular antibiotic well, although a veterinarian can adjust the medication as needed.

Treating dog with urinary problem with natural remedies

Natural remedies differ from antibiotics in a number of ways. Unlike antibiotics, they do not specifically address the infection. Instead, homeopathic products are formulated to support the health of the urinary system, so that your dog can naturally keep bacteria from colonizing or taking hold in the urinary tract.

They are not used instead of antibiotics, but with antibiotics to reduce the severity of symptoms and strengthen the a dogs urinary system to the point where it naturally protects itself from infection. In the case of mild infection, this might be all you need, although this is more a decision for you and your veterinarian and the results of any testing such as an urinalysis.

When purchasing a natural remedy, avoid any product that contains chemicals, flavors, colors, or any other additives. The product you choose should contain 100% natural ingredients and should be free of chemicals. Look for a product that contains well-known homeopathic remedies like berberis vulg, uva ursi, cantharis, and staphysagris. Also make sure the product you choose is manufactured in a GMP compliant laboratory under the supervision of qualified pharmacists and homeopaths.

Visit the manufacturer's website before you buy their products and look for information such as customer testimonials and money back guarantee details. These are some of the factors that indicate that the manufacturer is confident of the quality of their product.

Along with conventional and supportive treatment approaches, make sure you are feeding your dog a high quality AAFCO certified dog food from a reputable manufacturer. Also, make sure that your dog has a constant supply of clean water. Add some berry based juice to the water for extra protection, as berries have properties that help to keep bacteria from clinging to the bladder walls.

What you need to remember is very simple. The combination of healthy food, clean water, and a regular dose of homeopathic remedies can contribute to the way you treat dog urinary problems and stop them from recurring. Initially use a specific therapy such as antibiotics to treat any infection, particularly in more advanced cases. So, follow the tips given above and take good care of your dog.

Jeff Grill is an editor of the Pet Health Guide, which has additional information on how to treat dog urinary problems.

For information on natural or homeopathic approaches the author recommends this site on treating dog with urinary problem.

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