3 Deadly Cat Urinary Problems, Symptoms

If you are like me, you probably have a hard time recognizing if your cat is healthy or sick. Cats have a high tolerance for pain. The affection a cat displays by rubbing and meowing may be a signal to check for cat urinary problems symptoms. But first, it is important to recognize the three common symptoms urination, grooming and the litter box. This article will help you recognize cat urinary problems symptoms and treatment options.

The first symptom is your cat's urination. Look for either frequent urination or no urination. It could also be a small amount of urine. Does your cat have pain while urinating? Recognizing your cat's urinary symptoms will make you more aware of the next symptom of grooming.

The second symptom is excessive grooming. Look for frequent grooming of genitals and associated with crying or excessive crying, depression. If you already noticed the first symptom of urination and excessive grooming, you need to be aware of the third symptom with the litter box.

The third symptom is what is happening, or not happening at the litter box. Notice if your cat is urinating outside of the litter box and urinating on hard cold surfaces. If your cat is using the litter box, look and see if your cat is straining while urinating or possibly squatting differently. Another symptom to look for is blood in the urine.

With all the fact gathering and you have noticed your cat has stopped using the litter box and recognized all the other cat urinary problems symptoms, you can be pretty sure your cat has a urinary tract infection.

Although these symptoms are not life threatening, it is important to talk with with your vet about these problems. Treatment options may include antibiotics, change of diet and/or a natural remedies. With a healthy diet and plenty of fresh water, combined with a homeopathic remedy, can quickly treat and prevent urinary problems in cats. Natural remedies do more than suppress the symptoms. A homeopathic remedy can help achieve a fast recovery and restore your cat's bladder and urinary tract.

Do yourself a favor and your cat. Next time you notice your cat urinating, you'll quickly recognize the three common symptoms urination, grooming and the litter box. Knowledge is power and quick action will prevent the problem growing into something bigger. It's simple and easy to make a dietary change, add plenty of water and adding a homeopathic remedy. With this you'll have peace of mind and a healthy cat.

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