Are You Suffering From a Yeast Infection's Painful Urination Symptom? Find Out the Solution

If you suffer from the yeast infection and a painful urination problem, you need to take the medical assistance from the doctor or the healthcare provider. You should opt for the clinical test for the early detection of the yeast contagion in the vagina. Candida albicans bacteria are responsible for the yeast infection. Due to the unnatural growth of these bacteria in the vagina causes vaginal infection. Therefore the proper medication is needed for the termination of Candida albicans. You can consume the medications in the shapes of pills and vaginal cream.

There are many symptoms which can determine the cause of the yeast infection in the vaginal region. The commonest sign of the ramification of this disease is the itchiness in vagina. Patients will continuously itch around the vagina. At the same time, female patient will certainly feel burning sensation in the vaginal area. In addition the vulva will be reddened and bulged. At the time of urination, she will feel pain.

As there is similarity between the yeast contagion and urinary track infection, you need to observe carefully whether the feeling of burning sensation during urination is due to the onset of the yeast infection in the vaginal zone or due to the severity of ordinary urinary tract infection.

In the case of the urinary tract infection, vaginal burning will be palpable when urine will run through the tube whereas in the case of yeast contagion, the burning will happen as the urine laden with acid passes through the reddened skin of vulva. The patient will experience the burning sensation, when the urine runs outside. If you have the caustic experience of yeast infection painful urination, you need the proper medical assistance.

There are natural remedies for contagious painful urination. Tea tree oil is very much conducive to the removal of yeast infection. Use the medicated dosage of one teaspoon of tea tree oil plus one teaspoonful isopropyl alcohol. Prepare the mixture for the usage to remove the yeast infection. Now with the dropper, you should fall at least 10 droplets of this solution in the bucket of water for cleaning the vagina.

However, if you are pregnant, don't use this medicated solution for the cleansing of the vagina. Yogurt is very effective to cure the yeast infection and therefore consume yogurt or apply it to the vagina with tampon. Honey is a wonderful natural product which will work excellently in the case of the removal of the vaginal yeast infection.

Take some amount of honey and rub it on the affected portion of the vagina and then wash it with warm water. You can use honey during bathing. When you suffer from the yeast infection and experience painful urination, you should not wear the leotards or pantyhose regularly.

Clothes with tight fittings will be detrimental to the body and therefore always try to wear attire or apparels which are made of natural cotton fiber. Wet clothes are not good to wear during this period. You must change wet or water drenched clothes every time and you should try to wash infected vagina with fresh water frequently.

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