OVERCOMING BLADDER DISEASE: A Strategic Plan for Research

OVERCOMING BLADDER DISEASE: A Strategic Plan for ResearchDiseases and conditions affecting the bladder and associated structures of the lower urinary tract are a leading cause of urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and
kidney failure, and they often contribute to poor quality of life. It has been estimated that 35 million Americans suffer from bladder disease and most have chronic conditions. Bladder problems have been reported to cost Americans more than $16 billion per year in health related expenses, and this estimate does not take into account the associated physical and emotional disabilities that are considered "unmentionable" by many men, women, and children.

This report outlines future critical research on the basic science of the lower urinary tract and clinical studies of bladder diseases and conditions. It also
makes specific recommendations for focused inclusion of biotechnologies that offer opportunities for bladder research. In addition, the report describes the kinds of programs that will provide a pipeline of new researchers through training, new collaborations, and infrastructure to support this work. The potential consequences of rapid progress in bladder research could save many children, women, and men from the physical and emotional consequences of bladder diseases and conditions.

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