Bladder + Urinary Tract Infection - 1 bottle,(Liddell)

Bladder + Urinary Tract Infection - 1 bottle,(Liddell)Are you prone to UTI's? Once UTI's start occurring, many of us are likely to continue having them. We know that feeling bad with frequent and uncomfortable urination can make things seem unbearable. This convenient oral spray makes it easy to get the safe and natural holistic relief you want. Relieves symptoms associated with urinary tract infections, such as: Burning sensation Frequent need to urinate Inflammation Urinary Plus is a combination of remedies carefully designed to alleviate immediate symptoms and to work at a deeper level, helping to prevent further pain and discomfort. Echinacea Angustifolia (Purple Coneflower) - for treating infections and reducing excess urine proteins Berberis Vulgaris (Barberry) - for a burning pain during urination, a frequent urge to urinate, and pain in the bladder region Coccus Cacti (Cochineal) - for bladder inflammations, kidney discomfort, and frequent urges to urinate Cantharis (Spanish Fly) - for frequent urge to urinate, kidney inflammation and unbalanced urine flow Thuja Occidentalis (Tree of Life) - for urinary tract infections, swelling and inflammation of the urethra, and acts as a natural antiviral agent Apis Mellifica (Honeybee) - for burning sensation during urination, acute inflammation of the kidneys, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent alleviating symptoms of urinary tract infections Rubia Tinctorium (Madder) - for excess urine alkalinity and to balance metabolic activity Arsenicum Iodatum (Arsenic Iodide) - acts as a natural antibacterial agent Mercurius Corrosivus (Mercuric Chloride) - for a burning sensation in the urethra while urinating, and helps to restore normal urine flow Zingiber (Ginger) - for stinging and burning sensations during urination and for the urge to urinate frequently More treatment ideas Doctors often suggest these preventative steps for women prone to urinary tract infections: Drink plenty of water every day. Some doctors suggest drinking cranberry juice, which in large amount

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