UTI and Dog Meds For Urinary Infection

A urinary tract infection may develop when a bacterium gets into the urethra or the bladder. The urethra is the tube that transports the urine from the bladder to the outside of the body where it is expelled. A urinary infection can be very uncomfortable and may make urinating very painful. However, there are dog meds for urinary infection that available nowadays. So there is really no need to fret about it.

Dog urinary infections and symptoms are rather easy to spot, and if it is caught in the early stages a veterinarian can run a simple test to make sure it is a UTI. If the test is positive, the vet can treat the urinary infection as long as it is in the early stages. However, if a urinary infection is left untreated for too long, it can be life threatening to the dog. So it is important that if you observe something unlikely in the urinating habits of your dogs, do not just ignore it.

How will you be able to identify that your dog is suffering from urinary infection? Here are some points to note:

your dog constantly licks his genitals;
there is an inability in your dog to control urination;
its urine has a very foul smell;
your dog experiences frequent urination;
there is an absolute evidence of difficulty in urinating (cases like your dog may yelp or whine while trying to urinate);
your dog may feel lethargic;
your dog's urine has blood in it or is cloudy;
the lower abdomen is tender; and
your dog may experience fever.

These noticeable changes should alarm you and motivate you to bring him to the veterinarian the soonest possible. In cases like this, your dog should undergo a thorough investigation and examination to ensure his safety. Your dog's kidney should be responsible for filtering the blood while retaining those useful chemicals. And if the organs in his urinary system won't work out well, then the possibility of UTI may infect him.

What are the possible causes then? UTI among dogs are basically caused by a number of issues. It may either be caused by a certain infection, bladder stones that may be lodged in your dog's urethra, or by mineral sediment in the urine. Urinary infection can not only be painful, but can also be life-threatening if not treated immediately.

Dog bladder infections may cause in an increase need to urinate, even if the bladder is empty. It may also cause inflammation within. Same cases may also be experienced by male dogs with enlarged prostate gland or if their penis is inflamed. The result is, its urine may be cloudy, and may have slight discoloration from blood. Same with males, female dogs also experience urinary infections. But the worst case would be, having UTI due to stones that get stuck inside the urethra.

As much as we want to protect our beloved dogs to experience such, there are multiple ways to prevent this to happen to them. As responsible pet owners, we should not let our dogs get dehydrated, and as much as possible, give your dog clean, fresh water to drink and bathe. Always keep his food utensils clean. Always provide him a place for urination whenever he needs to. If he holds it for too long, it may lead to urinary infections and bladder problems, which is more alike with humans. Give him a balanced diet and keep him away from too much toxins. And lastly, provide him a place where he can rest and make sure it is clean. Keep him away from too much stress as much as possible.

Like humans, urinary tract infection can also infect our dogs anytime we become irresponsible in taking care of them. Even if there are already dog meds for urinary infection that can be bought anytime, it is still better to keep him away from any illnesses. Let's not wait that our pets be inflicted with this kind of serious disease. Be responsible enough to give him the cleanest environment he could have.

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